EDC MAG Featured in SPOTTER UP Review

The OUTSTANDARDS EDC MAG was featured in the online site SPOTTER UP this week, with a superb review by their staff of the EDC MAG power bank.  SPOTTER UP is a world leader in tactical reviews and critical examinations of new tactical gear, and the OUTSTANDARDS team was honored to have this review, and [...]

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Outstandards EDC MAG Highlighted in Major Media

One of the most prominent media outlets for guns and ammunition in the United States, GunsAmerica Digest, reviewed the EDC MAG in a recent article this week.  In the words of GunsAmerica, "...this thing is a game changer!".  Outstandards was honored with the highly favorable review of the EDC MAG.  See the full article here: [...]

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Outstandards at IWA in Nuremburg, Germany

The Outstandards Team showed their new products at the IWA Tradeshow in Nuremburg, Germany from 2-5 March 2023.  As the young company is starting to make headway internationally, the team was highly pleased to sign multiple contracts across Europe and the Middle East.  EDC MAGs and T-48 Crates will be hitting the markets across the [...]

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Outstandards talks EDC Mag with CloverTac

Outstandards joined the CloverTac podcast to discuss the EDC mag, T-48 crates, and what comes next for Outstandards.

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OUTSTANDARDS Releases T-48 Crate to US Market

Outstandards released the T-48 crate to the US Market in mid-February 2023.  The T-48 is the most rugged, collapsible crate in the market, capable of carrying over 400 lbs, takes a top weight of 1 ton, and has a side access window so stacked crates don't need to be moved. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/02/13/2606678/0/en/Outstandards-Releases-the-Most-Rugged-Collapsible-Crate-Into-the-US-Market.html [...]

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SHOT SHOW 2023 – Outstandards Reveals New Finished Products

The Outstandards team unveiled their final products at the Shot Show in Las Vegas in January.  The event led to multiple deals with firms in the United States and around the world to represent these products to their respective markets.

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Outstandards Tests Virginia Market

The Outstandards team introduced the EDC MAG to a Gun Show in Hampton, VA on Jan 14, to gauge public reaction to the new product and seek feedback.  Reaction was enormously positive, and the team sold out in hours!

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Outstandards in Social Media

Outstandards officially launched social media platforms to showcase its new product.  In one month almost 1 million viewers between the social media ads saw the EDC MAG for the first time. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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Outstandards Releases World Wide the EDC MAG AR

After a full year of preparation, Outstandards released the EDC MAG AR to the world on Dec 5.  Over 1000 online publications globally carried the announcement on the release of this new and innovative device. https://www.yahoo.com/now/outstandards-introduces-worlds-first-military-130000272.html

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First Shipment of EDC MAGs and T-48 Arrives to Virginia Warehouse

After almost of year of perfecting our prototypes and manufacturing the first tranche of merchandise, the Outstandards Warehouse Team was excited to receive the first truckload of merchandise from our manufacturing facilities.  Outstandards is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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