Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I carry this onto an airplane?

A: The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.  Our EDC MAG powerbank meets TSA regulations, it is 76wh (under the TSA 100wh maximum allowance).  TSA requires that all portable chargers or power banks containing a lithium ion battery must be packed in carry-on bags – so please pack the EDC MAG in your carry-on bag, not in checked luggage.  We recommend that you keep the blue silicone bottom cover on the device when passing through security, to further identify the EDC MAG as a power bank.  To date, we have flown with the EDC MAG over 100 times domestically and internationally and have never had a single issue at any check point.

Q: How can I minimize confusing the EDC MAG for a real magazine?

A: Our staff includes recent U.S. Marines, and when designing the product we also consulted
with numerous military and law enforcement personnel on this very issue. Based on our
expertise and these consultations with others, every EDC MAG comes with a “training blue”
silicone cover that fits over the base of the device. Keep this cover on your EDC MAG if you feel
it is important to distinguish our device from your real magazines. Also, please note that the
EDC MAG will not lock into your rifle if device is not tampered with and kept in its original
condition out of the box.

Q: How long will a fully charged EDC MAG remain charged if not used?

A: We don’t know, as we only began manufacturing our prototypes in early 2022. However,
please note that we charged a few EDC MAG devices in January 2022 and those that remained
in our inventory were not re-charged, but were still at 100% as of December 2022. So the
devices seem to maintain full charge for at least one year.

Q: How many times will the EDC MAG charge my cell phone?

A: That depends on many factors, including the type of phone, temperature conditions, storage
conditions, and other factors. Generally speaking, under normal, non-extreme conditions, the
EDC MAG should be able to charge your cell phone around 5-8 times.