Introducing the Transformer 90 (T-90) Crate, the most rugged and versatile collapsible carrying crate in the world. The T-90 is designed to transport your outdoor gear to the most rugged places on the planet, carrying an incredible 440 lbs and holding the top weight of 3,307 lbs. With the T-90’s side access window, you do not need to re-stack crates to access your gear. Our crate transforms into on-site storage, or add a convenient wooden lid to use as a table top. The T-90 holds 90 liters (almost 24 gallons) of volume, and comes in 2 colors: olive green or black. This is the most versatile new product for 2023 for both your outdoor and indoor needs!

Multi-purpose use / Home & Commercial

Use Indoor & Outdoor / Commercial use (W/H Storage, Delivery & etc.)

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity, Strong Surface Durability

HDPE & Highly resistant to UV Rays and Chemical

Easy to Fold Crates & Convenient Portable Use

Easy and safe multi-stacking capabilities with interlocking alignment